Four-sided Applicator

Film Application

For numerous products such as paint, ink, varnishes, glue and cosmetics, the reliability of many laboratory tests is directly related to the quality of the samples prepared for it.

It is absolutely essential that any measurements made on such coatings, whether for the purpose of describing their appearance or their physical properties color, gloss, hiding power, drying time, etc.,are made on the basis of uniform and comparable samples with precisely controlled thickness.

In order to meet such specific demands, Biuged company has a wide range of high quality, high precision film applicators and motorized film applicators for greater repeatability and reproducibility when undertaking a large number of sample tests.

Stainless steel and anodized aluminum are the preferred materials of construction, due to their resistance to corrosion.

All applicators are marked with gap clearance, this gap clearance isn’t wet film thickness.The theoretical wet film thickness is etched onto every applicator. Generally speaking

Gap clearance is from 15100µm, the theoretical wet film thickness is 50% of gap clearance

Gap clearance is from 100300µm, the theoretical wet film thickness is 60% of gap clearance

Gap clearance is from 300500µm, the theoretical wet film thickness is 80% of gap clearance

Gap clearance is more than 500µm, the theoretical wet film thickness can reach 90% of gap clearance

BGD 205&206 Four-sided Applcator is a flexible and easy to use applicator, combining 4 gaps size in one unit. The cylindrical shape provides excellent results particularly on firm substrates and smooth surface. By simply rotation through 90 angles, the next gap size is placed onto the test surface. It is designed with ASTM D 823-25 and made of high-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel 440C.


Main Technical Parameters

 Wet Film Width BGD 205160mmBGD 20680mm

Total LengthBGD 205190mmBGD 206100mm

 Ordering Information:

Universal Type

BGD 206/1---(5µm,10µm,15µm,20µm)

BGD 206/2---(25µm,50µm,75µm,100µm)

BGD 206/3---(50µm,100µm,150µm,200µm)

BGD 206/4---(30µm,60µm,90µm,120µm)

BGD 206/5---(100µm,200µm,300µm,400µm)

BGD 206/6---(50µm,75µm,100µm,150µm)

BGD 206/7---(100µm,150µm,200µm,250µm)

BGD 206/8---(250µm, 500µm,750µm,1000µm)

Long Type

BGD 205/2---(25µm,50µm,75µm,100µm)

BGD 205/3---(50µm,100µm,150µm,200µm)

BGD 205/4---(30µm,60µm,90µm,120µm)

BGD 205/5---(100µm,200µm,300µm,400µm)

BGD 205/6---(50µm,75µm,100µm,150µm)

BGD 205/7---(100µm,150µm,200µm,250µm)

BGD 205/8---(250µm, 500µm,750µm,1000µm)

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