Horizontal Automatic Panel Spray Cabinet

Laboratory needs to prepare a huge number of uniform coating test panels during the coating performance testing, and the coating results of traditional manual spraying mainly depends on the operator's experience and skills. So it is not only difficult to ensure the uniformity of the coating (especially when spraying a large area of tested panel), but also it have a certain risk to harm operator's health and environment because of improper spraying operation. In view of this situation, Biuged developed a Horizontal Automatic Panel Spray Cabinet equipped with semi-automatic spray gun. The workshop is designed with a water tank (water curtain can be customized), which is easy to operate and efficient. When spraying horizontally, the paint mist is downward and absorbed by the water tank, so that the diffusion is less. 


 With dual spray gun, powerful function. The closed spraying operation can ensure that the spraying processes will not pollute the external environment.

 Equipped with a water tank and water curtain system in the cabinet, it can absorb most of the spray paint mist. Less gas emission and reduce the pressure of gas discharge in the laboratory.

 User can edit spraying methods, such as Z, straight line, point type and arc type, which can adapt to different shapes of test panel or workpiece.

 Semi-automatic spray gun design is economical and practical.

 Compared with gravity spray gun and updraft spray gun, the spray quantity of spray gun designed by pressure feeding is more convenient to adjust. It is not related to supply air pressure (atomization pressure) , the spray quantity is more stable and accurate.

 With 10-inch touch screen, user can edit spraying programs clearly. Simple operation, easy to learn and use.

 The sample tray can be set at any rotation angle, which has the function of automatic feeding and positioning. And the spray gun can rotate within ±50 degrees, which greatly improves the flexibility of spraying.

BGD 227-H-08.jpg

BGD 227-H-07.jpg

Main Technical Parameters

■ Max. Spraying Area: 620mm × 720mm, sample tray can rotate 360 degrees;

■ Gun Moving Speed: 0-500mm/s;

■ Spraying Distance: 95mm-215mm (can be adjusted)

■ Rotation Angle of Spray Gun: ±50°

■ Spray Gun: 2pcs, semi-automatic

■ Overall Size: 1260mm×1300mm×1860mm (W×D×H)

■ Air Outlet Pipe Diameter: 200mm (also can be customized)

■ Power Supply: 220V; 50/60HZ

■ Total Power: 1.5KW;

■ Net Weight: 220KG

■ Main Cabinet Material: simple welding with 304# stainless steel, glass door in front, totally enclosed.

Ordering Information: BGD 227/H---Horizontal Automatic Panel Spray Cabinet

Introduction Video

Operation Video

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