Automatic Preparation System for Test Specimens of Architectural Coatings

Automatic Preparation System for Test Specimens of Architectural Coatings

BGD 360 Automatic Preparation System for Test Specimens of Architectural Coatings is suitable for those test specimens applicated by rods. It has the following features:

Fully automatic batch preparation of test specimens, almost without manual participation, to meet the needs of large-scale preparation of specimens with high consistency.

Specimens digital management is adopted, which can encode and record coating specimens and prepared specimens, so as to realize the traceability management of specimens.

According to the requirements of the different standards, operator can finish specimens preparation on Chart, PVC Film and Asbestos-free Cement Panel automatically.

Use robot-arm to applicate coating films. This system includes a vacuum drawdown plate and a common plate for cement panels, which can achieve uniform coating film easily on different substrates.

Blank test panels is automatically fed according to the demands, and automatically unloaded to the standard specimens tray after finishing coating , which is convenient for maintenance.

Automatic cleaning device for applicating tools: after finishing one coating film, the applicating tools will be automatically cleaned, and then the next coating film will be carried out.

The system adopts friendly human-computer interface, with intuitive display, convenient operation and real-time monitoring of running status.

Main Technical Parameters:

Specification and Capacity of Test Specimens:250mm×140mm Charts(50pcs);

     150mm×70mm Asbestos-free Cement Panels(500 pcs);

     430mm×150mm Asbestos-free Cement Panels(100 pcs);

     432mm×165mm Black Plastic Panels(100 pcs)

Specimens Preparation Rate:20 samples per 12 hours(about 400pcs test specimens)or 10 samples per 10 hours(about 200pcs test specimens)

 Single Working Cycle:10~12 hours(10~20 samples)

 Applicating Tools Capacity:4 sets of specimens preparation

 Number of Specimens Trays:20 sets of specimenss

 Cover Area:approximate 30m2

 Total Power:5 KW

 Ordering Information:  BGD 360---Automatic Preparation System for Test Specimens of Architectural Coatings

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