Automatic Spray Sepeicmens Preparation Workstation

Automatic Spray Sepeicmens Preparation Workstation

BGD 370 Automatic Spray Sepeicmens Preparation Workstation is a fully automatic spraying sepecimens preparation workstation integrating automatic panel taking, automatic spraying and automatic drying. This workstation adopts cooperative robot, with spraying and drying functions, and can automatically and quickly prepare standard size sepecimens for testing. It has the following features:

Portable robot hand with high degree of automation, integrating automatic panel taking, automatic spraying and automatic drying.

With treatment device for spraying waste gas:automatic water channel and water curtain, dry and wet treatment at the same time, try to avoid air pollution.

Built in integrated drying device.

Two clamping methods of test panel are optional:two 30mm diameter vacuum sucker are used during feeding, which can compensate the error of inconsistent height of test panel. Air claw clamping mode is adopted during unloading.

Graco 24P993 spray gun is used for spraying: the nozzle diameter is 1.0mm, the spraying range can be adjusted by pressure, the atomization pressure is 0~0.7MPa, the spraying pressure is 0~0.7MPa, and the feeding pressure is 0-0.7MPa. The pressure can be automatically adjusted, and the control of the coating flow and the automatic control of the spraying pattern can be realized.

Pressure feeding device is used for coating and solvent, and automatic color change valve switching device is installed. After spraying, it can be switched to solvent pipeline to clean, and finally switched to air pipeline to clean the residual solvent.

The workstation is equipped with 2KW baking room, the maximum baking temperature can reach 150 ℃, and the test panel after spraying can automatically realize baking function.

The workstation is equipped with active exhaust and filtration function, in which the water curtain adopts submerged pump for water circulation. 1.1KW three-phase AC motor with wind wheel is used for air exhaust.

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Main Technical Parameters:

 Standard Size of Test Panels150mm×70mm

Maximum Number of Spray Test Panels10 pcsdepends on oven capacity

Spray Speed0-500mm/sadjustable


Total Power4 KW

Ordering informationBGD 370---Automatic Spray Sepeicmens Preparation Workstation

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