Table Water-curtain Spray Cabinet (All stainless steel)

As the paint sprayed from the gun can not completely cover on the work, so it produces great amount of poisonous coating mist when spraying the works. To keep the air not polluted and protect the workers’ health, we produce a Table Water-curtain Spray Cabinet for small scale spraying in labs.

This spray cabinet applies the latest design plan, using The negative pressure principle, the dental plate and arc plate produce strong air flow when working, and makes the water becomes eddy to wash the indrawn coating mist, the gas will be exhausted by the fan, and the paint residue left in the water.

In addition, the whole spry cabinet is made of stainless steel and equipped with high-pressure contrifugal fan, and it possesses small footprint, easy operate, safe, easy clean and so many other characters, it is a new and favorable environmental protection equipment. This spray cabinet is capable to directly splash the residual coating mist to the water pool or water curtain, the processing efficiency up to over 90%. The smell and residual coating mist produced during the spraying will be filtered by the water curtain and exhausted outside the spraying room through the fan, so as to realize the cleansing of the spraying environment and the protection of people’s health, as well as increasing the cleanliness of the works.


Structure Introductions

Coating mist collecting system: consists of stainless steel water-curtain plate, annular tank, water-curtain, and dash plate. Water-curtain plate, made of 1.5mm thickness stainless steel, facing towards operator. Water flows on its surface without break and pounding, maintaining a 2mm thickness water film. Most coating mist fully mixed with the water on the water curtain then flow into the annular tank, then filtered by the filter in the inlet of annual water pump.

Water supply system: consists of annual water pump, valve, overflow channel and pipes.

Exhausting system: Consists of Baffle-type steam separator, centrifugal exhaust fan, several exhaust pipe and fan holder, belonging to large flow and low thickness exhaust. Steam separator with maze structure fixed behind the water-curtain plate, capable to efficiently separate and condense the mist in the air, then flow back to the annual tank in case over lost fluid.  

BGD 228-01.jpg

BGD 228-02.jpg

BGD 228-03.jpg

Overall Size:810mm×750mm×1160mm (L×W×H)

Working Room Size:600mm×500mm×600 mm(L×W×H)

Exhaust Air Rate:12m/s

Fan :Single-phase centrifugal fan, power 370W

Water Curtain Size:600mm×400mm(L×W)

Samples Holder Size:595mm×200mm(L×W)

Power Supply:220V 50HZ

Length of Air Duct:2m

Ordering InformationBGD 228---Table Water-curtain Spray Cabinet

Introduction Video

Operation Video

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