Multifunctional Irradiance Radiometer

Multifunctional Irradiance Radiometer

For all artificial light accelerated aging test chamber, irradiance (irradiation energy) is one of the most important parameters affecting the test results. On the other hand, with the extension of the service time of the aging test chamber, some components (including filters, irradiation probes, sensors, etc.) will age, resulting in deviation of irradiance displayed on the instrument. Therefore, regular calibration of the irradiation energy of aging instrument is a necessary operation in the process of artificial accelerated aging test.

The multifunctional irradiance radiometer is a brand-new hand-held instrument produced by Biuged. It includes a hand-held irradiance radiometer (main body) and one or more special probes. When using, select the corresponding probe and insert the irradiance radiometer according to the required calibration object, and select the lamp or filter type in the radiometer display screen. Then place the probe in the calibrated instrument and start the aging test chamber, and calibrate the irradiance in the aging test chamber by reading the value displayed on the irradiance radiometer. On the other hand, when the probe is inserted into the irradiance radiometer, its display screen will automatically read and display the factory number and calibration date of the probe, so that the user can calibrate the probe in time.

The multifunctional irradiance radiometer can be used to calibrate the irradiance of all aging test chambers (including xenon lamps and fluorescent ultraviolet) produced by Biuged. Compared with other irradiance radiometer on the market, the multifunctional irradiance radiometer has the following characteristics:

◆ After inserting the calibration probe, the main body automatically recognizes the type of the probe and its relevant parameters.

◆ Xenon lamp calibration probe, which can simultaneously calibrate the irradiance of air-cooled and water-cooled xenon lamps and different filters.

◆ UV calibration probe can simultaneously calibrate the irradiance of different types of fluorescent ultraviolet lamps (UVA / UVB).

◆ 5-inch capacitive LCD touch screen with HD resolution of 1080×720.

◆ The modular irradiance probe is adopted, which is lower in cost than the traditional instrument with integrated probe and host.

◆ After the validity period of the self-identification probe expires, the user can choose to recalibrate or replace it.

◆ Built in Chinese and English languages for users to switch.





 Range: 0.00~2.00W/m2(340nm);0.00~4.00W/m2(420nm)



  Irradiance error: ±10%

  Recommended calibration cycle of probe: one year

 Probe temperature drift: ±0.02%/℃

 Operating environment: 0 ~ 50℃; 10%RH~90%RH

 Maximum working temperature of probe: 70℃

  Main body size: 143mm×75mm×20mm

  Net weight (main body and probe):380g

  Ordering Information:

    BGD 8118/S--Multifunctional Ultraviolet Irradiance Radiometer (UVA&UVB)

    BGD 8140/S--Multifunctional Xenon Lamp Irradiance Radiometer (340nm)

    BGD 8141/S--Multifunctional Xenon Lamp Irradiance Radiometer (420nm)

    BGD 8142/S--Multifunctional Xenon Lamp Irradiance Radiometer (300nm~400nm)

    BGD 8134--300nm~800nm Xenon Lamp Irradiance Calibration Probe

    BGD 8136--340nm Xenon Lamp Irradiance Calibration Probe

    BGD 8137--420nm Xenon Lamp Irradiance Calibration Probe

    BGD 8138--300nm~400nm Xenon Lamp Irradiance Calibration Probe

    BGD 8139--UVA&UVB Ultraviolet Irradiance Calibration Probe

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