Plain White Drawdown Charts

BIUGED INSTRUMENTS offers a wide range of drawdown cards and charts for virtually any application and coating material. Stringent equality control during the production process assures that they have the most consistent color and gloss in the industry. Test charts are easy to use and an economical substrate to test a variety of coating properties, such as opacity, spreading rate, and flow& leveling behavior. They are used for testing architectural, industrial, automotive, wood finishes or even cosmetic productse.g. nail polish.Depending on the material properties of the product to be tested and its usage different types of drawdown cards are available.


Selection of test charts dependent on coating technology

Depending on the types of solvent used in paint formulations a drawdown chart needs to be more or less solvent resistant. The resin type requires different solvent types and dependent on the polarity of the solvent, the organic ingredients will be more or less activated. Therefore, BIUGED offers two types of drawdown cards and charts.


① Clear-coated Charts

 Are ideal for a wide range of coating systems: water and solvent borne technologies

 Guaranteed non-fluorescent paper in compliance with ASTM D 344

 Repeatable color and gloss-lot after lot

 Superior adhesion characteristics, especially with latex paints

 Rugged design 0.5 mm thicknessto prevent warping and bending after the coating is applied.

 Package is shrink-wrapped with low permeability plastic to prevent moisture absorption during shipping and storage.

② Film Laminated Charts

 With excellent solvent resistance

 Repeatable color and gloss-lot after lot

 Smooth, structure free surface

 Superior adhesion properties and flexibility

 With 0.5mm thickness

 Double film laminated will not warp and bend-even in high humidity environments.

These drawdown charts are plain white with the coating on one side with no text or label on top.

■ Ordering information:

BGD 1132---Plain White Drawdown Charts150mm×100mm1,000pcs/box

BGD 1133---Plain White Drawdown Charts250mm×140mm500pcs/box

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