Compressed non-asbestos cement panels

           Compressed non-asbestos cement panels are in accordance with the latest standards in China: JC/T412.1-2006 NAF (non-asbestos) H (high density) V grade technical requirements. The surface treatment is immersed in water for one week (PH=10) according to GB 9271 and polished with 200 # water sandpaper, thus eliminating complicated pretreatment work, facilitating laboratory personnel and greatly improving work efficiency.

           In order to keep the consistency of the performance of the panels as much as possible, BIUGED adopts the same specific formula and process for each batch of production, and produces more than 100,000 pieces in a single batch, and has been strictly inspected by QC department to ensure that its performance fully meets the standard requirements.

Ordering Information
■ BGD 2210---Compressed non-asbestos cement panels ( 150mm×70mm×6 mm; 200 pcs/box )

■ BGD 2211---Compressed non-asbestos cement panels ( 200mm×150mm×6 mm; 250 pcs/box )

■ BGD 2212---Compressed non-asbestos cement panels ( 250mm×150mm×6 mm; 250 pcs/box  )

■ BGD 2213---Compressed non-asbestos cement panels ( 300mm×200mm×6 mm; 500 pcs/box )

■ BGD 2214---Compressed non-asbestos cement panels (430mm×150mm×6 mm; 500 pcs/box )

■ BGD 2215---Compressed non-asbestos cement panels ( 600mm×600mm×6 mm)

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