High-Low Temperature & Humidity Cabinet

These new Programmable Climate Cabinets with a precise system of temperature and humidity control, which provide various necessary environmental simulative conditions for industrial research and biotechnology tests. Widely applied in sterile tests and stability check-up of pharmaceuticals, textile and food processing as well as tests in material performance, packing and lifetime of industrial products.

1.0  Structure  Feature

Chamber Structure

Internal material304# stainless steel with thickness is 1.2mm

External material1.2mm baking finish cold roll steel plate with advanced static electricity spray process.

Heat preservation material: polyurethane foam rubber with 100 mm thick

Othersinstall the positioning foot cup and movable trundles under the test chamber bottom; top of chamber equips automatic pressure relief hole, bottom of inner chamber equips drainage hole, can drain out condensate water quickly

      Air Adjustment

Inside air space, recirculating wind channel and stainless steel cycle fan, through the top   window and air diffuser, the wind will out uniformly from the top, let the reconciled temperature from the harmonic room diffuses to the test area, which could   reach the purpose of control temperature uniformly.

Chamber Door

Single open door


Anti-condensation electric heating device

Vacuum auto-defog transparent window

Window floodlight

Cable Port

Install a 50mm test hole on the left of the machine, and equip related seal device for connecting with power test

View Window

designed in the door with 230*270mm transparent electric radiant heating film with cavity toughened glass(equipped with   anti-condensation function)

Control System

TEMI 1500 Touch Screen LCD, imported from Korea, floodlight switch,main power switch

Cooling System

refrigeration system, heating device, fan, dewatering device, adjustable back window

Sample Shelf

adopt 304# stainless bent into net sharp, easy for use, the distance between the material frame could be adjusted(the smallest distance is 50mm),standard   equipped two pieces

Electrical Room

main power breaker, controller, distribution plate, radiating fan, over temperature protector

Heating System

adopt the scale heat rejection heating pipe P.I.D. control the heating so let the temperature gets the balance

2.0  Refrigerating System

Refrigeration Method

to keep the cooling rate and minimum temperature requirement,we use single stage refrigeration system


adopt low temperature compressor from European

Cooling System

air-cooled scale condenser, circulating fan for heat dissipation


finned tube heat exchanger

Throttling Device

thermostatic expansion valve ,capillary tube

Dry filter

absorption for the residual water and acidic material from refrigerating fluid in refrigerating system, filtrate the solid impurity grain, copper cuttings of   system, keep the normal working of expansion valve and capillary, in case of   ice blockage and filth blockage

Refrigerating  Fluid

adopt environment protected refrigerating fluid R404A

3.0  Electrical  Control System


Korea SAMWON, LCD touch screen controller TEMI 1500

Display Interface

Display screen dimension5.7 inches colorful touch screen conversational mode

Temperature set valueSV, current   valuePVdisplays   directly

Can display the temperature output value

The execute program number, section, procedure time and time signal control condition can be displayed

Can display auto-calculus picture and procedure standby light-flooding picture

Can display record data and curve condition picture

Can display current curve and edit procedure curve and history running curves

Can display fault indicated and simple fault exhaust

Procedure Capacity          And Control

Operational procedure capacitymax:120 groups;one procedure could consist of 1 to 99 sections.

Operational memory capacity:1200 sections, could repeat   executive command: each command could repeat 999 times, the slope setting of   the procedure could be set through the timer shaft, the jointing use could be set among the   procedures, the   procedure making can adopt dialogue type, easy to operate with edit,   eliminate and insert function, 4 groups of time signal output control (can   control the test sample ON/OFF option).

9 groups of PID parameter setting, the procedure will have the overleap section, keep functions; can show the curve and data collection;  date and time adjustment function; button and picture lock(LOCK) function;  can connect the computer, 8 points of DI abnormal input and 10 points of DO   signal control


RS-232 communicate interface, can used as monitoring and remote control system,  record the test data

Running Method

program mode / definite value mode

Set Method

English interface, touch screen input

SD Storage Card

Used to store test date and test curve, standard storage capacity is 2G, storage time   is about 2 years

Setting Range

up/down limitation of maximum temperature range is 5

Display Resolution

temperature:  0.01;   time: 1min;

   Memory Function
     when Power off

can set recovery mode in case of power off : heating/ cold/ stop

 Make anappointment               function

can set available machine time randomly, after turn on the power, the machine will run automatically


PT100 type platinum resistor

        Curve record

equip with battery protection RAM, can save the set value, sampling value and sampling time of the machine;Max record time is 60 dayswhen the sampling cycle is 1.5min

         Software use

IBM PC compatible machine, above P CPU,   more than 128M RAM, simplified Chinese Windows2000 or simplified Chinese WindowsXP operation system.

Circulating fan

low   noise with many wing centrifugal fan


import nichrome electronic heater and   heater control mode is contactless equal cycle recurrent pulse adjust wide,   SSRsolid-state   relay

Control Mode

anti-integral saturation PID, BTC balance adjust temperature control modetemperature test equipment

4.0 Humidify and Dehumidify System

Water Supply

Big water tank

Humidify And Dehumidify   Method

Adopts outer humidify, compressor   start to dehumidify, P.I.D controls the humidify volume to reach the need   humidity

       Water Quality

Resisitivity ≥500Ω·m

Water   Supplement Method

Chamber reserves the water supplement port and water level viewing window, please supply   water when the water level is too low

       Humidify Water

Inner equipped with a micro water pump, and only needs   to add water to the water tank. The water pump is automatically added to the   humidifying boiler according to the water level in the humidifying boiler

5.0 Safety Protection Device

          Refrigerating                   System

compressor overheat/over current/ over pressure, condensation fan overheat

Test Chamber

over temperature limitation, fan/motor over temperature relay


earth leakage protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection

Storage   Environmental Requirement

environmental temperature of the machine keep within 0+40

        Installation Site

the distance between the wall and left/right/back should be at least 600mm(A/B)

the distance between the wall and the front side of the machine should be at least 1200mm(C)

please make sure the gate, gallery and elevator could pass the machine in case of affect to your company normal working

BGD 897-1.jpg

 Temperature Uniformity± 2

 Humidity Uniformity:≤ 2%3% RH(≧ 75%RH or ≤±5% RH(≤75% RH

 Temperature Stability±0.5

 Humidity Stability±2% RH

 Temperature Increasing Rate3.5/minno-load, average value during the whole test

 Temperature Decreasing Rate1/minno-load, average value during the whole test

 Power Supply220V/380V 50HZ

 Total Power5.5 KW



Humidity   Range

Total   Power/Max. Current

  Working Room Size

      Overall Size

BGD 897/100B






BGD 897/100C


BGD 897/100D


BGD 897/225B





BGD 897/225C


BGD 897/225D


BGD 897/408B



(380V; 3 phase and 4 wires)



Biuged also accept any customized climate chamberdifferent size and temperature!!


Note: Temperture and relative humidity influence each other, for Biuged Climate chambers, controllable area is remarked by blue area as blow picture:



Introduction Video

Operation Video

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